Sachal Studios was born to produce the music of melody, acoustic harmony and rhythms that rock the heart. Mercifully, the cacophony of digital and electronic sound that alone defines music in the subcontinent today, was not the essential requirement in creating Sachal Studios.

The business of music has become the music of business. To escape this, Sachal Studios has endeavoured to create sounds that make us enjoy music as music and not a passing commerce-driven bandwagon.

Lahore, the home of Sachal Studios, remains one of the great cultural centres of Pakistan and India, notwithstanding the pillage and the spiritual terror this ancient city of music has had to suffer over the last three decades. Sachal Studios, led by the production team of Izzat and Mushtaq, has brought back the glory of our musicians and composers who had been sadly forgotten in the buzz of a digital and electronic world. More that ten albums of a thrilling spectrum of music have been produced. Their introduction is available in the catalogue and work in progress section. They range from the iconic wail of Mian Sheharyar, one of our senior composers, who has also sung his own compositions, to the ever popular Hariharan whose album is now recognized as a pioneering work in both the sophistication of compositions, the beauty of the poetry and the sheer grandeur of the Sachal Studios orchestra. Then there is Bandish, a collection of ragas sung by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of Gwalior and embellished by the orchestral arrangements of our leading composers. There is Reshma, singing rare songs of her gypsy world along with new compositions of modern poetry. There is Mehnaz, with a wonderfully arranged album with compositions from the unique Wazir Afzal, Qadir Shaggan, among others. And there is Ustad Nazar Hussain, one of our greatest composers, singing his own compositions for the first time to the great applause of the musicians themselves who played in the orchestra arranged by Riaz Hussain, a truly wonderful arranger of music. The list goes on and on. More information is given in the relevant sections.

Sachal Studios is the first custom built recording studio in Pakistan with state of the art equipment housed in a four story building in the heart of Lahore. While its primary task is to produce fresh music of all genres, it is also creating an archival record of all our great singers and musicians.